A Collection of UI Components for React built with Tailwind CSS

Enoch Ndika
2 min readMar 10, 2021


I created a collection of UI Components for React built with Tailwind CSS containing over 16 components with over 40 variants.

You can just copy and paste the component you want to use.

The biggest disadvantage of using Tailwind is the risk of having too long classes that will make the code not readable enough.

As React is component-based, we can extract component logic with its classes and reuse them elsewhere which will result in more readable code with more components and less classes.

That’s why I created this collection named Kimia-UI and it’s fully customizable. If you are a Typescript lover, the full source code and all examples are written in Typescript so you won’t worry about types.

The project is open to contributions and you can contribute by adding a component, improving accessibility or opening an issue for a new component or idea.

Source Code


Originally published at https://dev.to on March 10, 2021.



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